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Mustard White
  • Botanical: Sinapis alba
  • Family: Brassicaceae
  • Known as: White Mustard, Sinapis alba, Yellow Mustard, Brassica alba, B. hirta, Weisser Senf, Gelbsenf, Weißsenf, Gartensenf, Mostardkorn, Mostert, Senfsaat
  • Old Use: cooking and medicinal use

Mustard White

It is an erect annual, 3 feet or more in height, with smaller flowers than the White Mustard. The spear-shaped, upper leaves, linear, pointed, entire and smooth, and the shortly-beaked pods, readily distinguish it from the former species. The smooth, erect flattened pods, each provided with a short slender beak, contain about ten to twelve dark reddish-brown or black seeds, which are collected when ripe and dried.

  • Botanical: Commiphora myrrha
  • Family: Burseraceae
  • Known as: Balsamodendron Myrrha. Commiphora Myrrha, var. Molmol. Mirra. Morr. Didin. Didthin. Bowl
  • Old Use: culinary; ritual; medicinal


A shrub or tree growing up to 5 m tall, scented myrrh has greenish or brownish peeling bark. The leaves are composed of 3 or 5-7 leaflets, 2.5 x 10 cm long when fully mature and oval to broadly oval in shape. The flowers are cream in colour and very small, being only a few mm wide at most. The fruit is rounded, about 1 cm in diameter and contains a single stone.