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Mastic Tree
  • Botanical: Pistacia lentiscus
  • Family: Pistaciaceae
  • Known as: Mastixstrauch, Wilde Pistazie
  • Old Use: medical, culinary, industry
  • Aroma: resinous, smoky

Mastic Tree

A shrub rarely growing higher than 12 feet. The best Mastic occurs in roundish tears about the size of a small pea, or in flattened, irregular pear-shaped, or oblong pieces covered with a whitish powder. They are pale yellow in colour, which darkens with age. The odour is agreeable and the taste mild and resinous, and when chewed it becomes soft, so that it can easily be masticated. This characteristic enables it to be distinguished froma resin called Sanderach, which it resembles, but which when bitten breaks to powder.