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Iceland Moss
  • Botanical: Cetraria islandica
  • Family: Parmeliaceae
  • Known as: Isländisches Moos, Islandmoos, Irisches Moos, Lichen Islandicus, Blutlungenmoos, Fiebermoos, Hirschhornflechte, Graupen
  • Old Use: medicine, culinary

Iceland Moss

It is often of a pale chestnut color, but varies considerably, being sometimes almost entirely greyish-white; and grows to a height of from 3 to 4 in., the branches being channelled or rolled into tubes, which end in flattened lobes with fringed edges.

Indian Berry
  • Botanical: Anamirta cocculus
  • Family: Menispermaceae
  • Known as: Cocculus indicus, Scheinmyrte, Indische Scheinmyrte, Kokkelskörnerstrauch, Kokkelspflanze
  • Old Use: medical
  • Aroma: herbaceius

Indian Berry

A poisonous climbing plant with ash-coloured corky bark, leaves stalked, heart-shaped, smooth, underside pale with tufts of hair at the junctions of the nerves and at the base of the leaves, the flowers are pendulous panicles, male and female blooms on different plants; fruit round and kidney shaped, outer coat thin, dry, browny, black and wrinkled, inside a hard white shell divided into two containing a whitish seed, crescent shaped and very oily.

  • Botanical: Carapichea ipecacuanha
  • Family: Rubiaceae
  • Known as: Ipecacuanha, Brechwurzel, Ruhrwurzel
  • Old Use: medical


The plant has a slender stem which grows partly underground and is often procumbent at the base, the lower portion being knotted. Fibrous rootlets are given off from the knots, and some of them develop an abnormally thick bark, in which much starch is deposited. The thickened rootlets alone are collected and dried for medicinal use, since the active constituents of the drug are found chiefly in the bark.

Irish Moss
  • Botanical: Chondrus crispus
  • Family: Algae
  • Known as: Carrageen moss, Knorpeltang, Knorpelmoos, Irisch Moos, Irländisches Moos, Perlmoos, Carrageen Alge

Irish Moss

Cartilaginous, dark purplish-red, red, yellowish or greenish fronds to 150 mm high, gametophyte plants are often iridescent under water when in good condition. Stipe compressed, narrow, expanding gradually to a flat, repeatedly dichotomously branched frond, in tufts from a discoid holdfast. Axils rounded, apices blunt or subacute, frond thicker in centre than margins. Very variable in breadth of segments. Very variable in branching, colour and thickness.

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