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Tobacco Cultivated | Plant Lexica

Tobacco Cultivated

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  • Botanical: Nicotiana tabacum
  • Family: Solanaceae
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Tobacco Cultivated


Nicotiana tabacum



Known as

bright tobacco

Old Use


Collection Times


Parts Used



abdominal pain

Heart & Circulation

angina, rapid pulse

Mind & Nerves

migraine, neuralgia

Respiratory System


Stomach & Intestinal

nausea, emetic


antispasmodic, diuretic, expectorant, sedative


Nicotiana tabacum is a annual growing to 1.2m. It is hardy to zone 8 and is frost tender. It is in flower from Jul to September, and the seeds ripen from Aug to October. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Bees, lepidoptera.

The ovate to lanceolate leaves are alternate, spiraling around the stem, and often large—in many varieties, 0.6 to 1.0 m (2 to 3 ft) long and half as wide.

The tubular flowers, which range in color from white or cream to pink to carmine red, grow in a large, branching terminal clusters, with individual flowers 3.5 to 5 cm (1.25 to 2 in) long.

Fruits are oval to elliptical capsules that contain several to numerous small brown seeds (0.5 mm, or less than 1/32nd in, in diameter).

Properties & Uses

Mainly used in Homeopathy. Since its remedy proving appeared in Hartlaub and Trinks, the homeopathic use of tobacco has been confined chiefly to acute symptoms:

  • Symptoms of collapse, e.g. after smoking the first cigarette in childhood. Desire to keep abdomen uncovered. Cold sweaty hands. Feeling of acute sickness.
  • Nausea, deathly pallor, icy cold, perspiration, intermittent pulse, collapse, total exhaustion. 
  • Seasickness. Utter physical misery and dejection.
  • Fear of imminent death. Dulled thinking. Dizziness on opening the eyes. Clearing the throat, morning cough. Persistent nausea. Vomiting of pregnancy.
  • Cholera-like symptoms.

In addition, effects in chronic illnesses are known: 

  • Angina pectoris. Paralysis following stroke. Shuffling gait.
  • Migraine, Menière's disease, cerebral sclerosis, vascular spasms. Angina pectoris. Dead fingers. Chest cough. Nervous deafness. Amaurosis. Central scotoma. 



Has addictive and cancer-producing effects.



N. tabacum is a native of tropical and subtropical America but it is now commercially cultivated worldwide. Other varieties are cultivated as ornamental plants or grow as a weed.


Nicotine, Anabasine (an alkaloid similar to the nicotine but less active), Glucosides (tabacinine, tabacine), 2,3,6-Trimethyl-1,4-naphthoquinone, 2-Methylquinone, 2-Napthylamine, Propionic acid, Anatalline, Anthalin, Anethole, Acrolein, Anatabine, Cembrene, Choline, Nicotelline, Nicotianine, Pyrene.

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